Séminaire sur les modernités et postmodernités religieuses  

Atelier « Transgressive Religion »


Atelier “Transgressive Religion”, organisé en collaboration avec Rémy Bethmont, Paris 8.

La langue de travail de l’atelier est l’anglais.

This international seminar seeks to consider queer, feminist and postcolonial religious perspectives, whether historical, sociological, literary or theological, and bring them to bear on the religious patrimony of modernity and the religious postmodernities (or ultramodernities) that have arisen out of the critique of modernity. How much do queer, feminist and postcolonial dynamics work together and how much do they challenge one another? A whole range of theoretical issues are raised by the postmodern revisiting of religious modernity as well as by its fruits in contemporary religious movements.

The seminar will also take into consideration the cross-fertilizing as well as the discrepancies between religious and secular queer, feminist and postcolonial movements. In that respect the interaction between religion and politics, theology and popular culture, biblical scholarship, literature and the visual arts is an important line of enquiry. How do queer, feminist or postcolonial religious movements interact with secular culture and the latest developments in the humanities and social science? While the impact of the latter on the former is often underlined, if only because queer, feminist and postcolonial critique all started outside the religious sphere, religious traditions, practices and imagination are also an important, though perhaps less acknowledged resource for the broader queer and feminist movements.[1]

The seminar aims to showcase work in progress, in order for the presenters to benefit from each other’s fields of expertise. Concretely, we aim to have workshop sessions where participants involved in the seminar can present their work, and also the work of doctoral students. We will also occasionally plan events and conferences broader in scope where we might invite scholars to present for a broader audience. The workshop meets once a year, usually in June. In due time, some of the works of the seminar will be published.

For more information and for the current call for papers, contact Valérie Nicolet: valerie.nicolet@iptheologie.fr